About Us

About Us

ZPL Controls offers the most advanced fuel tracking systems available on the market.

Our innovative systems provide the most reliable and accurate automated fuel control solutions for a wide array of end-user applications. From automotive dealerships to municipal operations, ZPL provides the easiest and most efficient methods of controlling and tracking every drop of your energy assets. And with the release of our newest technology, Fuel Tracker Plus™, you get the most comprehensive solution on the market that tracks your fuel consumption and associates it with both the vehicle and the operator in real time.

From complete fuel accountability to total reconciliation and protection against fuel theft and loss, ZPL Controls new Fuel Tracker Plus™, guards you and your assets…both coming and going.


Fuel Tracker Plus

Fuel Tracker Plus is a new device that offers a new level of flexibility to small business owners and how they manage their fuel assets. Below are how current customers are using Fuel Tracker.

Construction Company A

Has two stationary tanks outside their home office. Fuel fill-ups were logged by the driver on a clipboard. Fuel Tracker has allowed them to do the following:

  • - Eliminate manual tracking of who is filling which vehicle/equipment piece
  • - Allows them to not only document which vehicle/equipment was fueled, but also using it to document fuel for jobs where a portable tank has not been delivered yet
  • - Assists their accounting department with cost allocations


Landscape Company

Landscape company with approximately 20 employees who have a fleet of vehicles, equipment, and mowers requiring fuel on a regular basis. A diesel and non-diesel fuel tank was positioned outside their office. Prior to Fuel Tracker Plus, the tanks were secured with padlocks.

All 20 employees had access to the keys for the padlocks and there were times where a lock had been cut off with a set of bolt cutters. Fuel Tracker has allowed them to do the following:

  • - Document which employee is filling which vehicle, mover, or piece of equipment
  • - Identify & confirm several cases of employee theft due to a specific employee entering multiple fill ups on the same vehicle on the same day
  • - Monitor the fleet for maintenance opportunities
  • - Eliminate theft concern from cut pad locks
  • - Fuel consumption decreased 20% year over year with Fuel Tracker Plus installed


Construction Company B

Has two separate business affiliates on their property with a total of 3 tanks. Business affiliate 1 has an on-road and off-road diesel tank. Business affiliate 2 has an on road diesel tank. The Company was searching for a simple, user friendly reporting mechanism that would document and track their fuel consumption. Fuel Tracker has allowed them to do the following:

Share a tank with Ullman at an Ullman site approximately 30 miles from their home offices. Fuel fill-ups are documented for each of the 3 businesses via unique user pin/vehicle combinations. The Company did not have to invest in a 4th tank or pay for a site to temporarily store it while in use and they are billed only for the fuel they use.

  • - Term/Add users in near real time as they experience employee turnover
  • - Accurately document on road and off road diesel use. The Company is currently exploring removing their off-road diesel tank and moving to all on-road diesel and apply for the tax credit
  • - Document and report fuel consumption for business affiliate 1 and business affiliate 2 accurately by business affiliate
  • - Fuel Tracker has allowed them to eliminate use & reconciliation of fleet cards