Fuel Tracker Plus



FUEL Tracker Plus is the next generation fuel monitoring technology that allows you and your management team to control and track users of your fuel by logging when the fuel was dispensed, the volume dispensed and associate that activity to the appropriate vehicle. By providing real time date/time stamp reporting, you will know who accessed your fuel and their rate of usage. This will prevent fuel loss and any unauthorized use of your fuel. In addition, FUEL Tracker Plus allows for multiple companies to share a single tank.



Through its wireless technology, administrators can log into their custom programmed portal to configure and update all of their users and vehicles. These changes can be made in near real-time providing an even higher level of security. Mileage and hours are also reported to help guide your maintenance thresholds for such things as oil changes and fuel filter changes which maximizes your overall fuel efficiencies.

Whether operating a small fleet with a single fuel site or a large fleet with multiple sites, the FUEL Tracker Plus advanced fuel control system can help you improve the management of your unattended fueling operations by controlling one of your biggest assets and expenses – your fuel.

FUEL Tracker Plus™ Fuel Control System Features & Benefits

Consolidated reporting

Consolidated reporting associates the user, the vehicle and the volume dispensed via our proprietary system preventing loss and safeguarding your overall energy assets.

Delivers cost savings

Delivers cost savings for small private fleets needing an economical fuel management system.

Easy Installation

Easy installation accelerates go live time and allows for instant management of energy assets.

Customized Reporting

Customized reporting portal allows you to view all transactions remotely via the internet in real time and transmit data to key stakeholders

Mileage Reporting

Captures mileage/hours helping you to manage maintenance thresholds including oil and filter change milestones

Fuel Consumed Reporting

Reports the number of gallons pumped allowing on and off road diesel users to consolidate their tanks to gain tax credits for on-road diesel used for off-road purposes

Real-Time Reports

Wireless real-time reporting allows for up to the minute monitoring of your fuel

Secure Access

Pin number or badge access identifies each user of your fuel assets providing loss prevention and maximum utilization

Real-Time Updates

Allows for real-time user updates in the event of personnel changes or additions


1. Power Supply

Powers the device

2. Power Contactor

Required for each pump the Fuel Tracker Plus will power

3. Relay

High speed switch and relay used to convert signals from the meter

4. Manual Key Override Switch

Allows for manual override of the system when appropriate

5. Cellular Interface Component

Allows access to the internet for real time  updates and reporting

6. Terminal Blocks

Integral part of the wiring system that ensures organized and safe wiring termination