Commmercial Fueling Operations

FUEL Tracker Plus is the perfect solution for commercial fueling operations including automotive dealerships, construction companies, landscape design firms, golf courses and large farming operations. We provide these commercial fueling operations real-time transaction authorization that is secure, simple and convenient for managers and their technicians alike. ZPL Controls integrated fuel tracking allows Clients to streamline the management of your fuel inventory and protects you from energy asset loss. In addition, our wireless technology provides a paperless environment which helps drive maximum efficiencies for your operation.

FUEL Tracker Plus Delivers:

Our wireless technology provides a paperless environment improving your uptime and increasing efficiencies.

Key code/pin number or RFID badge access identification access identifies each user of your fuel assets providing loss prevention and maximum utilization.

Real-time System Updates
Administrators can program system updates real-time in the event you experience personnel changes or adjustments.



Commercial Fleet Fueling Operations

The Comprehensive Fuel Monitoring System For Commercial Fleets

Whether you are operating a small fleet of delivery vehicles or the high-volume demands of a waste management operation, fuel and fuel management costs are one of the largest expenses facing your operation.

Without a comprehensive fuel monitoring and management solution that is secure, efficient and accurate, maintaining your operational profitability is near impossible.
ZPL’s fuel monitoring technology meticulously monitors employees' fuel usage as well as associating the fuel used per individual vehicle which helps private fleets to significantly reduce the opportunity for financial loss incurred through human error.

FUEL Tracker Plus Delivers:

Automated Fuel Monitoring:
Our fuel monitoring systems automate the fuel management required by today's private fleets.

Fueling authorization and transaction tracking enable reliable recording of fuel usage per vehicle, minimizing losses caused by theft and error.

FUEL Tracker Plus’s advanced fuel management technology provides users with an accurate record of fuel inventory usage to help them confidently manage their fuel expenses.

Government Fleet Fueling Operations

More than ever, today’s government/municipal fleet managers are under extreme pressure to provide definitive accountability of fuel usage, and to accurately monitor and reconcile fuel tank inventories. In particular, the high demand to maximize the utilization of taxpayer-funded resources, especially fuel inventories and usage, which is one of a fleet's largest expenses, is critical for today's government/municipal fleet operations.

FUEL Tracker Plus’s advanced technology enables government/municipal fleet manager’s to monitor and track each of their unattended fleet-fueling stations down to the very last drop of fuel pumped into their vehicles……24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, it enables real-time reconciliation of dispensed fuel quantities for a precise record of up-to-the-moment fueling activities.

FUEL Tracker Plus Delivers:

From real-time reporting of fuel dispensing activity to fuel management software that delivers fuel to vehicle reconciliation data, ZPL’s technology is the ideal solution for most every government fueling operation.

Fiscal Responsibility
FUEL Tracker Plus was designed to deliver 100 percent accountability in government fleet fueling applications while minimizing data reporting errors.

Real-time System Updates
Administrators can program system updates real-time in the event you experience personnel changes or adjustments.